Prayer Groups

Anglican Cursillo in Exeter Diocese
Cursillo is a Spanish word meaning ‘short course’ a three day concentrated experience of “running the race that is set before us”, leading to more responsive and responsible daily Christian living. This is a well established method of the Christian Church world-wide, aimed at adult baptized Christians. It is modelled on early Christian practice to help those drawn to Christ to develop a deeper understanding of their personal faith and God-given gifts, and to draw closer to Him and those about them. The fourth day – is the rest of your life!
For more information contact Roberta Smith
Tel: 07751850111
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The Fellowship of Contemplative Prayer
A loose-knit association, of individuals and small groups, who follow a Biblically based way of contemplative prayer. The Fellowship is ecumenical and international. It follows a simple Rule of daily prayer and members are encouraged to join a prayer group run on Fellowship lines and/or attend a Fellowship quiet day from time to time. Details (and introductory pack including a copy of the current Newsletter) can be obtained from the local contact:
Caroline Miller, Burrowland, Sandford, Crediton, EX17 4EL
01363 776552

The Fellowship of Meditation
Uses a special method of meditative sentences to make space for stillness in order to be open to the Spirit of God. Members of the Fellowship receive monthly notes, with a special meditation paper, and a sentence set for each week of the month, to be used throughout the Fellowship. Groups throughout the country meet regularly for meditation and residential gatherings are held at the Fellowship’s house in Dorchester and in other centres in the UK. Membership costs £25 each year.

Julian Meetings
A Julian Meeting is usually 6 -15 people of various denominations, both lay people and clergy. They meet regularly in a house, church or chapel. A brief reading, or a piece of music, leads into about 30 minutes of silent contemplative prayer. This may be followed by a time for tea or coffee and conversation. There are Julian Meetings throughout Devon. To find your nearest Julian Meeting, or for more information,

The Maranatha Community
A free, open and loving Christian movement, throughout the United Kingdom and abroad. It is a scattered Community of Christian men and women who love the Lord and who share a common vision of His Kingdom. Drawn from all the main traditions, members are committed to the life of their local churches.
For more information, contact : Joy Davies Tel: 01752 895946. Or Anne Kaye 01752 880591

The World Community for Christian Meditation
The WCCM is inspired by the vision of John Main, a Benedictine monk who revived an ancient form of contemplative prayer from the teachings
of the Desert Fathers . Groups are open to all and at meetings refresh their understanding of the teaching, often by playing a talk by John
Main, then they meditate and conclude with a short time of reflection. The community has a network of meditation groups, a programme of
events and retreats and a range of publications to support the journey of meditation.
email: 📧